Crane mounting by Noyens Jan delivery for Bionerga Logistics, Belgium!

  • 2 April 2020
560 315 Marchesi Gru - JUST GRAB IT

Noyens Jan, a Belgian company specialized in cranes and containers mounting on trucks, is delivering a Marchesi crane for Bionerga Logistics!

The foldable Marchesi loader M15Z 02.92 for Ecology and Recycling is installed on a DAF truck with a tipper container.

gru-ecologia-rottame-caricatore-allestimento-cassa ribaltabile-belgio-allestitore

As described in Noyens Jan’s article, Marchesi loaders are classified in the H1B4 class, known for their robustness, suitable for heavy-duty use. Thanks to the seat positioned at the top, the operator has an ideal view of the working area. The seat is waterproof and can be heated. The operator activates the crane support legs directly from the seat through the controls. The crane mounted on the track will be used to collect ecological waste materials inside the container.

We would like to thank Jan and Lien Noyens for sending us the pictures and for the beautiful setting up!