Cranes Production

Born as craftsmen predisposed to excellence.

The production of a Marchesi crane is a procedure of Italian artisan knowledge.

The quality of craftsmanship in our products fully corresponds to a method that has always distinguished the company.
It is this living craftsmanship that gives us our ability to create and innovate effectively and to grow with our customers.

With an eye towards evolution and industrialization, we have evolved our craft in new dimensions according to our specific business vision.

Thanks to our entirely internal and independent production process, we are proud to create a product made completely ad hoc, functional, efficient and with an excellent ease of use.


Our company has a production plant of 6000mq: the first building has a metal sheet warehouse SAAB (Sweden) and RUKKI (Finland), a high definition plasma cutting machine, an area for the construction of structural parts and a stock of semi finished products.
On the second building of the production plant we have boring and milling machine , an area for the painting and the final assembling and testing of the crane.
We have also an area for spare parts, that are sent every day to our international dealer network.


Where our know-how is stored and developed. A wide range of possibilities to give to customer solutions, not only products.
The design is made with the assistance of the most brand-new tools of 3D drawing, in accordance with current European regulations.
Side by side with our dealers, we develop the most recommended solutions with a market oriented approach.

Plasma cut

Metal sheets of the best quality (scandiavian steel S700 and S900) come to our plant and are cut with a plasma machine. This allows us to produce all the parts that compose the structure of the crane.


In this production phase we build all the structural parts of the crane (base, column, booms and extensions). These parts are stocked as semifinished products allowing us to be more reactive when there is a new order.


A high quality standard is also consequent to investments in high level machinery.
The company has always invested directly on the production process, keeping internally the milling and boring of the structural parts together with a department of machine tools functional to the development and production of prototypes and small series.


All the painted structural parts are finally assembled to build the crane that is then finished mounting all the other components: hydraulic valveblock, stabilizers, electronic stability control system, hoses and pipes, slewing system, pins and bushes, fittings and top seat. At the end of this process, the crane is a finished product ready to be put on the market.


In order to ensure that our team has done a good job, the crane is tested carefully in all its functions to check that fulfils all the parameters declared on technical documentations. We perform our lifting tests with concrete block to check that everything is fine.