Custom truck-mounted crane since 1968

  • 24 July 2020
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Bruno and Alide Marchesi are two brothers who share the same passion for craftsmanship. Driven by a great desire to do and learn, they begin to work in first person repairing cranes for the customers inside their shop, back in 1968.

Since then, Bruno and Alide begin to write the story of Marchesi Gru. Day after day they assimilate fundamental technical skills, which lead them to the production of their first cranes. Thanks to their artisan knowledge and industrial drive, Bruno and Alide transform the small shop into a company: Marchesi Gru.

What has always distinguished Bruno and Alide’s work from the beginning is the ability to create truck-mounted cranes tailored to the customer needs, like a tailor who designs a custom-made dress. From scrap and recycling loaders to timber loaders, Marchesi Gru designs custom heavy-duty cranes suitable for any sector.

This is the DNA that founded Marchesi Gru and the philosophy that still guides the company nowadays in the challenges of the global market.