Destination France for Marchesi Forestry crane M15T 02.100

  • 16 January 2017
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Destination France for Marchesi forestry crane M15T 02.100 prepared by our partner on site Appydro Hydraulique.
Forestry crane for France

Let’s discover some details:

  • Maximun lifting capacity 143 KNm
  • Crane outreach 9.8mt thanks to double extension on second boom
  • Parker Valve Block
  • Top seat controls with cloches and foot pedals

Our T Series of Forestry cranes is characterized by a more straight column and a light but robuste structure as well.
The particular design of the booms allows the crane to maximize the cost-effectiveness per trip thanks to a very high and close to the column load capacity.

Guarantee the highest speed and precision is our aim!