M18000Z working in the Dutch market since 2016 for Gebr. Van Venrooij

  • 8 June 2020
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Our loader M18000Z is working in the Dutch market since 2016 for Gebr. Van Venrooija company specialized in infrastructure construction based in Weurt. 
Our Z loaders cover all the range of needs of the Dutch market:
 suitable for Euro 6 trucks with a short boom in a folded position
 complete range of Z cranes from 10 up to 27-ton meter
 customizations highly appreciated from Dutch customers in the business of steelplates – rijplaten
ideal solution for any heavy-duty use, very well suited for continuous operation with the bucket – knijperauto
See below the pictures of our Z M18000Z at work!
craneloader-with bucket-marchesigru-workingin-dutchmarket