Marchesi timber loader in the Italian Alps

  • 13 February 2020
1024 640 Marchesi Gru - JUST GRAB IT

Take a look at this stunning blue Marchesi log loader, resting during a full-time day of work, surrounded by the beautiful and snowy Italian Alps!

The log loader in the picture is an M13T 02.100 model and it belongs to the Marchesi Forestry cranes, T Series, foldable.

Why should you choose a Marchesi forestry crane? There are many advantageous reasons in choosing a Marchesi timber loader but today we will focus on one amongst the others:  its compact shape!

Indeed, the design of the Marchesi foldable loaders – T and  Z Series – is a significant benefit for the forestry workers, that transport every day tons of large logs on trailers.

The compact shape is, therefore, the most appreciated feature by Marchesi customers because it allows folding the crane together with its attachment – even with a large polyp grapple – while remaining in the width of 2.55 m.

This is a great plus that makes the everyday difference, maximizing every single trip outcome!

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