Marchesi Timber Loader: the article on Forestry Machinery & Equipment’ newsletter!

  • 10 September 2020
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Marchesi Timber Loader: the article on Forestry Machinery & Equipment’ newsletter!



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In the last newsletter, 8th September 2020, Forestry Machinery & Equipment has dedicated an article to the Marchesi Timber Loaders, Z series.

The Marchesi Forestry loaders, foldable rear cabin, of the Z series, are the ideal solution for forestry trailer installations and for the new trucks equipped with additional tanks and other accessories. The innovative design of the booms allows a total outreach of 9.20 meters, without going below the truck frame. Marchesi forestry loaders are also available in custom models. The Marchesi R&D department customizes the models according to the needs of the individual customer, meeting every need in terms of outreach, type of mounting, and loading capacity.



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