Recycling crane M20RS 01.105 grabbing and moving scrap materials

  • 5 March 2020
560 315 Marchesi Gru - JUST GRAB IT

Watch the video below to see how the Recycling loader M20RS 01.105 performs while grabbing and moving scrap materials with a solid polyp grapple attachment!

The crane is now working for RTR Srl, an Italian company based in La Spezia, specialized in the collection, transport, and disposal of industrial waste.

This model belongs to the Marchesi RS series, not foldable, that offers a wide range of recycling crane models available in L-Type.

To boost up the crane performance, we installed two special features: the M-Power and  M-Control.

The innovative M-Power system allows the crane to push and squeeze the load through the polyp grapple, with a compacting strength equal to 90% of lifting capacity. M-Power ensures a very strong and solid structure of the crane, giving the best pushing solution (up to 200 bar) on the market. It guarantees great performances with many advantages. Reducing the volume of the load and increasing the payload means more profit for the customer and less fuel consumption.

Also, M-Control is the system with servo hydraulics joystick and pedals that allows a smoother and more precise control of the crane, providing the best driving experience.

These incredible features, along with the simple and international design of the loader, guarantees to RTR srl high standard performances, in combination with a great hook clearance.

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