M15F 12.97 with servohydraulic joysticks and proportional buttons

  • 10 April 2018
1024 664 Marchesi Gru - JUST GRAB IT

Looking for the best driving comfort.
This could be the title of this unit composed by Marchesi crane M15F 12.97 on a Volvo truck and hooklift TAM.

Our foldable recycling crane for scrap and waste materials has been equipped with Marchesi Plus called M-Control HE, the system with servohydraulic joystick and proportional buttons available both for single and double circuit.

M-Control HE ensure great performances through a smoother and more precise control of all crane functions, thus providing the best driving experience:

– movement of primary and secondary boom
– extension on the second boom
– opening, closing and rotation of polyp grab

In this particular case, also the seventh function of the crane (the extension on the first boom) enjoys the same fluidity of movement.

All models of F Series recycling cranes are equipped with M-Extra, the Marchesi plus which ensure an easy pick up close to the body, an excellent work in low wharehouse and also to load big weight thanks to 1.25 meters of extension on the first boom.

The set-up is also completed with the presence of the shelter to protect the operator from the sun and the weather.