Truck-mounted crane on tipper semi-trailer

  • 2 September 2020
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Truck-mounted crane on tipper semi-trailer

We introduce you to the brand-new truck-mounted crane with a tipper semi-trailer. Gervasi Ecologica – a company specialized in steel semi-trailers construction based in Piedmont, Italy – realized the crane mounting.


The crane M20RS 01.113 is installed on a SCANIA truck and a Maxi Tiger tipper semi-trailer by Gervasi Ecologica. This crane model belongs to the not foldable Marchesi RS series for Ecology and Recycling applications.

The RS series stands out for its strength and power, features that make all the cranes in this series a long-lasting investment for the customer. Another distinctive trait of the RS series is the outstanding hook clearance. These are among the most appreciated technical characteristics by our customers since they allow the operator to maximize the amount of material loaded inside the trailer or container, loading very high and close to the column. The second boom of the crane can in fact reach the minimum distance of 10000 mm from the column and 3830 mm in height.


The advantageous performances of the M20RS 01.113 crane for Ecology and Recycling applications are boosted by Maxi Tiger, the tipper semi-trailer by Gervasi Ecologica. You can find more information about the semi-trailer characteristics clicking here.

Another advantage of this truck-mounted crane configuration is the semi-trailer with brushes. As already pointed out in this article, the brushes protect the crane while in resting position inside the semitrailer, ensuring a safer journey to the material collected inside it. A detail that makes all the difference for the mounting of a not foldable crane for the Ecology and Scrap sector.