#MARCHESIDOESN’TGIVEUP: Coronavirus update in Italy

  • 11 March 2020
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At this critical stage, when the whole of Italy is putting its forces into action to stem the Coronavirus contagion, Marchesi doesn’t give up.

We keep working, carefully sticking to the latest measures adopted by the Italian Government and, above all, in respect of the people’s wellbeing: from the employees to the suppliers, from our customers to all the stakeholders in contact with us daily.

We truly believe that the observation of the rules and the civic sense can be the key to facing this crucial moment together. Italy and the whole World needs now the contribution of each individual to stem the contagious of the Coronavirus.

We are close to all the professionals working at the front the line: Doctors, nurses, volunteers and everyone who has been working non-stop for weeks to help those who are struggling in these difficult times.

A thought goes also to all the Italian companies and SMEs that are still working, modifying their behaviors, their business routines, making the necessary sacrifices to keep the Italian economy functioning according to the rules and, above all, respecting ourselves.

For any need, you can be in touch with Marchesi Gru through the following contact:

Telephone: +39 0521 371083
E-mail: info@marchesigru.com
Office hours: 08.30-12:30 am; 13:30-17:30 pm.

Should there be any changes, as a result of further Italian Government measures, we will update the web site NEWS page.